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ESL forum > Ask for help > -er or more    

-er or more


-er or more
livelier or more lively
frendlier or more friendly

14 Oct 2009      

Czech Republic


I always use friendlier, lovelier  - by the rule that adjectives with -y ending have -ier/ -iest


14 Oct 2009     

alien boy

The way that English is spoken you can use either form.
If you were going to extend the comparatives to then you would be best to use:
lovely - lovelier - loveliest
friendly - friendlier - friendliest
It can be a little more awkward (although grammatically correct) to use the ´most ´ comparatives naturally for many non-native speakers as ´mos ´ is usually emphasised when used:
lovely - more lovely - most lovely
friendly - more friendly - most friendly
Generally a one or two syllable word will take ´-er ´, many two syllable words can use either form & three or more syllebles will take ´more - ´.

15 Oct 2009     


thanks but this rule is just for adjectives or is this also possible with abverbs ?
slowly      slowlier or more slowly?

15 Oct 2009