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Say and write dates


Say and write dates
Hello! :)
I know that , in english, the way we say and write the dates is different. 
If I want to say a date It s like On the first of January but If I want write it its like 1st January.
Am I right?

15 Oct 2009      

United Kingdom

Yes, that s right, Catia; the exception is in formal communications such as legal documents where it is mandatory to write the date in full -  the first of January, 2009 - and also in formal wedding invitations.

15 Oct 2009     


Every day, before starting the class, I always write the date on the board like this:
Ex. October 14th, 2009 - Wednesday
You put the day first and the month after.
Do you think it`s Ok to write the way I do?

15 Oct 2009     

South Africa

Dayssb, you are writing the date in the American format. The British way is day - month - year. Americans write it month - day - year. Personally, I prefer the British way, as, to me, it s more logical : ) In Brazil, most schools teach the American way, so you d write it according to the norm of your school.

15 Oct 2009     


I think it s the same, you can put the month after or before the ordinal. BTW, there are two ways in which you can read them (no matter how you wrote them). For instance: 2nd May, or May 2nd can be read as "May the second" or "the second of May".
I didn t know about the legal documents... now I do!!
Hope it helps,

15 Oct 2009