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is there any difference between a public school and a state school?

15 Oct 2009      


I know it īs confusing but in UK a public school is really a private school (often a boarding school).

15 Oct 2009     

United Kingdom

Remember, the education system in the UK isnīt unitary. In Scotland, a public school is a state school. There are also private schools and fee-paying schools.


15 Oct 2009     


A public school is a private entity and a state school would be a public school. Confusing, isn īt it?! LOL

15 Oct 2009     

alien boy

In Australia a public school is a state school. Like mentioned before, the UK is very different (& a little confusing - probably due to the warm beer... Wink)

15 Oct 2009     


Public Schools (in England) are so called because they are open to anyone (with enough money to pay the school fees!) not just to people living within a restricted "catchment area" (zone within a designated radius of the school). That said, there is often a long waiting list to enrol children in the prestigious ones.

Often the term "Public School" is used to refer to the most exclusive and possibly elitist private schools, while other more progressive private schools call themselves "independent schools", probably due to the prejudice attached to the term by the media and the man-on-the street.

Nobody seems to find it strange that if a state-run company is privatised and shares in it are made available then it becomes a Public Limited Company (or plc.)!

15 Oct 2009     


thank you eveyone,your information has been very useful

15 Oct 2009