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ESL forum > Teaching material > Excellent link for documenatry videos    

Excellent link for documenatry videos

United States

Excellent link for documenatry videos
This may have been posted in the past, if so I missed it.  I found this awesome site that provides a large selection of documentary videos on lots of different subjects.  A very powerful resource for people teaching older advance intermediate to advanced students.
Thanks to leacampana for the link
(I got it from her new worksheet:
Hope it īs useful,

16 Oct 2009      


You may also be interested in http://www.ted.com/ :-)

16 Oct 2009     

United States

Very cool, thank you.

16 Oct 2009     


Thanks a lot!

16 Oct 2009     

Marcia Silva

Wow, wonderful site... I have a student thatīs really worried about this subjet and speaks all the time about it. His question was: "Arenīt they intelligent?" "why do they accept the condition?" It was really difficult to make him understand that it was a chain situation, their parents passed the same thing, their kids will work the same way, etc...
Summarizing, it made possible a nice discussion...
Thanks so much for the tip...

16 Oct 2009