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ESL forum > Ask for help > Page 2 of "my contributions" has disappeared    

Page 2 of "my contributions" has disappeared


Page 2 of "my contributions" has disappeared
Hello! I wrote about the same topic a week ago and I also sent 2 PMs to Victor but it looks as if nobody could help me with this matter. I should have 2 pages contributions but only one is visible. The second page disappeared about one week ago. If I order my contributions in a dfferent way, for example "random" instead of "most downloaded" first, I can see some of the printables that are usually on the second page, but otherwise my contributions can only be partially viewed, and I don īt think it is fair. I īve checked the contribution pages of other users and they are all right so am I the only one with this problem?
Hope someone can help me!!!

20 Oct 2009      


Hi Chiara
You īre right. I īve checked your page and it only appears one page... and you don īt have the number of pages at the bottom of the page.
Sorry but I can īt help you. Perhaps only Victor can...

20 Oct 2009     


Hello Chiaras,
if yu download your WS can you see the second page or not?
It happened to me (once): I couldn īt see the second page but once downloaded there it was.
I explained this strange thing in the description.
That īs the only thing I can tell you.
I don īt know why it happens , sometimes.
Have a nice day,

20 Oct 2009     


Lancillotta, the problem is not the second page of a ws, but the second page of "my contributions" page.
Teresaraiva, thank you for checking.! You are right, Victor is the only one who can help me, but he īs always very busy.......
Maybe I will find someone in the forum who had the same problem in the past and can give me a hint!

20 Oct 2009     


Hi Chiaris
Yes indeed this is very strange.  Like Teresa said, your Members Contributions page has no page number and this is abnormal.  There must be a glitch in the system.  I think you must keep trying to contact Victor.  You could try his e-mail address: [email protected]
I wonder if anyone else has the same problem?

20 Oct 2009     


I am having the same problem at the moment and I have deleted my reading 3 times because each time the second page was not on my printable !!!!
and I don īt know what to do, too !!!

20 Oct 2009