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resources to teach tourism


resources to teach tourism
Hi, I have a very difficult class and I need to teach them tourism, have you got any ideas where I can get fun activities and material? Their skills in English are very weak, and they aren īt very interested either... Thanks!

20 Oct 2009      


you can try with the Mac Millan .
serie SURVIVAL ENGLISH It īs really usefull

20 Oct 2009     


http://www.eslflow.com/Tourismlessons.html and here a downloadable activity book for you to legally download as it īs from the authour īs website and you can adapt the games to your lessons http://www.azargrammar.com/materials/FWG_TOC.html
You could also do pelmanisms.If you check my stuff, I have one for jobs in hotels.
Good luck

20 Oct 2009     



20 Oct 2009     

Magdalena Ganowska-Sztuba

There is a book from Penguin Business English Hotel and Catering. I would post it on my page but its too big, but there is a lot of useful vocab there.Greetings.

20 Oct 2009     


Would you Magdalena provide me with the title of the book?

2 Jan 2010