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ESL forum > Ask for help > I still need help! Please read my message    

I still need help! Please read my message


I still need help! Please read my message
I don īt want to annoy you but I īm still looking for some wss and tests that I can īt download īcause I can īt get more points by now. I can send you sth to your mail in exchange. Would you be so kind to send me sth about past simple- past continuous?
Thank you and sorry for asking again, I don īt want you to get angry.
My mail: [email protected]

20 Oct 2009      

United States

I think someone wrote to you the idea behind this site.
If you use a little time and make worksheets, you can download
30 of the newest worksheets every single day - forever.
All you need is to earn 30 points, which is nothing, if you
use a little time.

We īre not angry - we īre just wondering why you want something for nothing!?


20 Oct 2009     


Here you can download free printables

20 Oct 2009     


OK, I understand. Don īt want to disturb again. The problem is time, if I just can upload 3 worksheets a day, how do I get the points and download?
Anyway, it doesn īt matter, if I have to wait for 30 days I īll wait and I īll do what I can.
Thank you anyway!

20 Oct 2009     


I īve got what you need.

20 Oct 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hello again  Lady Marian

I told you before, the rules are the rules. I told you I was the witch on charge.

This is your THIRD day here , always with the same begging song.
I checked your profile, you have 33 points, this means you can download 30 printables everyday.
If you don īt have the time to make your own printables, you can pick, for free, what is uploaded everyday.
If this is not enough for you, just imagine the huge work all the teachers here have, everyday.

Please, stop cheating, you have enough points, download what you need, don īt beg.

21 Oct 2009