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help me to translate


help me to translate

will you look at my translated sentences and say what is wrong there?

10. В зале суда запрещено курить.

Smoking is prohibited in the courtroom.

12.  В суде можно было обжаловать решения правительства.

It was available to appeal government decisions/ cabinet decisions in the court.

12. Солон заменил суровые драконовы законы на более человеческие.

 Solon changed strict draconian laws for more human.

14. Солон  изменил драконовы законы, оставив лишь прежнее наказание за убийство.

Solon changed Draconian laws, leaving just previous punishment for murder.

18. До этого люди приписывали авторство законов богам и богиням.

Heretofore people have fathered laws to gods and goddesses.

19. Этот государственный деятель разработал новый кодекс законов.

This statesman worked the new Code out.

Thank you very much!!!

21 Oct 2009      


I agree with mr. dgdln. The same request everyday is starting to become annoying...  

21 Oct 2009     


Maybe this is a better place to ask for advice regarding translating: http://www.wordreference.com/enru/
Good luck!
edit: I will erase my answer if pipetochka wants to erase his/her post

21 Oct 2009     


I removed my post. because pipetochka sent me a PM telling her excuse. But this doesn īt mean I īve changed my mind. I īm bothered when I see L1 on the forum.

21 Oct 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

www.multitran.ru. a good website for translators who translate from Russian into English

21 Oct 2009