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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Looking for cards with sentences that lack prepositions (and the correct preposition on the back)     

Looking for cards with sentences that lack prepositions (and the correct preposition on the back)


Looking for cards with sentences that lack prepositions (and the correct preposition on the back)
Hello my dear colleagues,
some of you know the depths of this miraculous site so well that I īll turn to you before I waste more time looking for something.

If this doesn īt exist in ESL printables, I īll have to invent it...

I should like to have a game with cards on prepositions. On the front there should be a sentence in which the preposition has been left out. On the back should be the correct preposition.
He had to be taken ___________ hospital immediately

Does such a thing exist among our numerous worksheets? Or do you know of any other place where it might be found?
My students are stumbling through the prepositions jungle and I īd like to make something more attractive for them than just a LIST.

If it doesn īt exist, should I bother creating such a thing??

26 Oct 2009      


yes Silke, your idea of making them for me was even better than mine!Clap
Will you have them done by tomorrow, do you think??

26 Oct 2009     


P.S. I īd like them in three different levels, please ... Clown

26 Oct 2009     


Hey, I thought you were joking !!

I wouldn īt make you do my work for me, Silke !!
(But mind you, isn īt that what we all do here, help each other with our respective jobs?)

But you could help me with one thing which is always a problem for me when using word.
How do I print or lay out cards in a way that when you print them the correct solution is on the back of the correct card? Usually drives me bananas and eats up all my paper with trial printing....
I think I have seen such a thing among your worksheets.

26 Oct 2009     

United States

I īve found helpful flash-card type things like you need at esl-library.com, but it requires a paid membership.


26 Oct 2009     


thanks for your answers. I got down to making cards myself and finally managed to print the correct answers on the back - in the right place !! I īm quite proud of myself.
They will be in tomorrow īs worksheets.

27 Oct 2009