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ESL forum > Ask for help > Can I upload an old printable again for more points?    

Can I upload an old printable again for more points?


Can I upload an old printable again for more points?
I looked but couldnt find any information regarding this.

Thanks in advance!

27 Oct 2009      


No, it is not allwed

27 Oct 2009     

Czech Republic

You can delete an old "unsuccessful" worksheet, update it and upload it again...
But you will lose all your "old points" you got from the first version of the sheet....

Many members go through their least favourite worksheets, delete them, rewrite them, add more exercises, redesign them and upload them again... and they get "more points" for that

It is fair to mention it “s an updated version in the description of the file if eg. 30 people had downloaded the first version ...

in case of your worksheet My Classmates Survey you can for example add some writing activities, gap fill reading, bingo,  song, boardgame with quetions, game suggestions... etc...

27 Oct 2009     


Never try to do so i “ve done it and lost 80 points

27 Oct 2009     


I want to delete my old file which is used to test if I can make my file upload successfully, but now I cannot find the way to delete it. ......Gee...... ThereĀ“s no function to delete the file designed in this web I guess.

27 Oct 2009