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A Useful movie


A Useful movie
Hi dear teachers!
                             I know that I have the great opportunity to share this site with you, devoted teachers who care about the education of their students.
                             Thatīs why I ask to those who use movies in your classes suggest me names of films. My  secondary school students, aged 12 to 14, are working on sports, can/ canīt (for abilities and asking for permission), and the weather; Students aged 14 to 16 are studying the Simple Past tense. 
Iīve seen wonderful worksheets on films here but the question is that I havenīt seen many of those movies,yet. 
I love watching films, so Iīd appreciate your suggestions.
                                               Thanks in advance, pfreites.  Tongue  

29 Oct 2009      


I prepared  a complete work on Dead Poets Society.
It is about general English.
Level B1/B2.
You can download it (it īs free) here:
I hope this helps.

29 Oct 2009     

Carla Horne
United States

Dear Lancillotta,
Thank you! I love The Dead Poet īs Society. Your work is excellent!
Dear Pfreites,
After I teach Dover īs War of the Worlds book, I show the movie with Tom Cruise (2005) in it. We write a compare/contrast essay about the two. It has worked well so far.

29 Oct 2009     

United Kingdom

Good movie guides here.

29 Oct 2009     


Hi again
perhaps this link could be useful
it deals with books, but most of them  now are movies, so, some of the exercises could be used in a classroom .

29 Oct 2009     


Have a look at this site. It has movie segments concerning grammar points. I hope it helps!
greetings from Spain-

29 Oct 2009