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Download ESL Kids eBook Materials


Download ESL Kids eBook Materials
Save yourself lots of lesson planning time by downloading these ready-made teaching materials and lessons plans. Included are Videos, Powerpoint, Flashcards, Worksheets and Songs for kids. Get your copies now at Download ESL Kids ebooks

1 Nov 2009      

Hong Kong

2009 Futonge N. Kisito, webmaster, download-esl.com
Again? Have you no shame?

1 Nov 2009     


I am sorry, Mr. Kisito! I don t think there is something to be ashamed of.

1 Nov 2009     

Hong Kong

WOW!  What a nice piece of humanity you are.  Are you always this demeaning or am I a special case?
Good job. I should pay you some advertising money.
HAHA! Do you want my address?
I understand how excited Americans feel when they get some grammar right.
Let me guess, you were raised in some Britishly oppressed colony in Africa?  I often hear and see English people making grammatical mistakes yet they claim to  be the "masters" of the language.  BTW, how many Americans were on the Mayflower? LOL  I can see you have picked up the British arrogance too.  You are a big guy and I imagine your head is bigger. 
Ok seriously, I WILL just ignore you!Clap
Good job! You got the tense right.
C ya

2 Nov 2009