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ESL forum > Ask for help > what to do with brilliant students??? please help me???    

what to do with brilliant students??? please help me???

miss eng
United Arab Emirates

what to do with brilliant students??? please help me???
i have a group of excellent students. they are 13 yrs old (grade 8). can you share me your ideas about a project for them.. hope you īll help me... which skill do you think it īs better to improve? and what are the activities??
waiting you bright ideas.. thanks..

4 Nov 2009      


hi miss eng.
i live in the uae and i was a teacher for more than 19 yrs in here. as we all know there are 4 main skills for english language and i think the most important skill students needs in the gulf area is the skill of speaking.. there is a big lack of this skill ....most of the students feel shy or afraid from making mistakes so from my point of view they need u to emphasis on this skill through encouraging them to speak and talk about things which are familiar for them and easy to use in simple language ..i myself try on purpose to make speaking mistakes and make students feel it and correct it for me and they were so happy to do so ..sicne that they didnt feel shy any more to talk and accept corrections from me and from their class mates ..i hope that could help u in a way or another to improve yr students skills ..good luck

4 Nov 2009     

miss eng
United Arab Emirates

thank you for your ideas, and i will go on it in the class..

5 Nov 2009