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My First Post


My First Post
I recently uploaded a couple of items and was quickly rewarded with 10 downloads. I thought, "great, I īll be getting lots of points to spend on the great materials I have found here". But, that was just a flash in the pan (an expression free of charge) because no downloads followed. There is just so much stuff on this wonderful website that my little contributions are lost in the shuffle.
I uploaded another activity today so I hope it goes better. I have read where teachers like the color and clip art. I īm at the university level and I don īt like the "frilly" stuff, so my worksheets are plain and simple and easy to copy on black and white printers.

5 Nov 2009      

Korea, South


I was wondering the same thing when I first joined this site. Here are a few tips to make things a little more clear. When you post something you will notice that no one downloads it the first day. The second day you may have many downloads. The third day there are no downloads again! That īs because only the second day after you post something, all the premium members can download it for free. Many of the premium members will sift through all the postings to find the best 30. Hopefully yours will be selected among the hundreds.

I would recommend taking one of your worksheets and adding some color and maybe some clip art or pictures. It will help boost your points. I download many worksheets with color, and then select black and white on my printer settings. It saves ink and still looks pretty good.

I hope this helps,


5 Nov 2009     


Thanks Joe. I checked your stuff and it looks great. I hope I make enough points to buy some.

5 Nov 2009     

Amada Lafertte

hey you guys, I have recently activate my account and I īm not sure how this thing works.
I could really use some help Confused. For instance if I want to download something I need to          upload the amount that is require? is it like buying, only and insted using money we use worksheets and ppts? if so, how much time do you take in to actually use this system?
                             Thanks in advanceBig smile

5 Nov 2009     


Hey guys read the FAQ! That īs it!

5 Nov 2009