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New at this!!!


New at this!!!
I`m new at this and I have som problem sending printables.  I have many but they all contains pictures and that makes them to big.  It`s a limit of 300kb or something here and I`ve tried to make them smaller but I can`t get them as small as I have to....I see that many of you have great sheets with colours og pictures.  How do you do it???  SOMEBODY WHO CAN HELP ME??

9 Nov 2009      

United States

Take a look at some of these fine ws about images.

By Frenchfrog:




By Helen:



By Logos:



By Ichacantero:



By Zailda:


9 Nov 2009     


Hi Rene!
I usually try to reduce the size of the pictures I use, and if my worksheets are still too big, I check whether they are tiff, gif, bmp, jpeg... Jpeg is usually the format that makes size smaller.
You can also save your pictures as a pdf and then add them to your worksheet. That īs what I do when I have to include many pictures in my worksheets.
I hope I helped you. And welcome!

9 Nov 2009     

United States

Ps to my message above - there is a good program called NXpowerlite that you can use 10 times for free and it reduces the size of your images!
try it

9 Nov 2009     


hi there i think u should follow wat belle told u yers these sites will be so useful for u im also a new particpant in here and in just few days i got the clue and downloaded many items and sent many ppt and doc. as well enjoy yr time and get benefit ..

9 Nov 2009