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ESL forum > Ask for help > Can īt open some worksheets    

Can īt open some worksheets


Can īt open some worksheets
Hi everybody;
lately I īm having a little problem. Sometimes when i want to open a worksheet the only thing I get is the flag of the user īs country
Do you know why is that? How can I solve it?

17 Nov 2009      

Czech Republic

Hmmmm... What web-browser are you using?
Sometimes if you have a slow connection your browser will say "No! It īs not coming through! I give up!" 
Other times there a certain forms of HTML/Java/CSS that read differently in different browsers and confuse certain ones. I think it īs always good to have two browsers on your computer... especially if one of those browsers is Internet Explorer because it īs terrible! 

Other browsers include:


Google Chrome (Mac and Linux versions not yet 100% finished, but Windows is ready) 

There are more but those are my favorite, if you don īt plan on using any add-ons and you īre a Windows user then Chrome is probably the better option. 
But if you want something that looks almost the same as Internet Explorer then that would be Firefox. 

17 Nov 2009     


Thanks for the advice but I īm actually using both internet explorer and firefox and don īt think it īs the problem since i don īt get any message, i just get to see the flags, that īs all
For example, imagine I want to download one of your sheets, when i click on it to open it and download it all i can see is the Czech flag( I think that īs where you īr from, I īm not very good at geography sorry). But it only happens with some worksheets, there some others i can perfectly download. That īs weird isn īt it?

17 Nov 2009