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what shall I do??

serenity light

what shall I do??
hi, I īm really getting desperate . I can īt figure out why I can īt upload anything at alllllllllllllllll.Ican īt share anything with you. Again, I can gain no points and consequently I can download zero worksheets. Would you suggest anything???

17 Nov 2009      

Czech Republic

it was happening to me yesterday. I was trying over an hour before I was able to upload. Maybe it has something to do with internet connection? I really don īt know as it had never happened to me before. You just have to keep trying.

Oh, one more thing? How big are the wss you want to upload? The should be under 300kb, so there could be the problem too.

17 Nov 2009     


This could happen sometimes...try many, many times  or check the size of your ws...

17 Nov 2009     

serenity light

Thanks a lot for supporting and thanks to your advice .
I īve just noticed that some of the files I wanted to upoload are few k b bigger than 300kb.I īll reduce their sizes.
 ..And Yes I īm gonna try and try....
You know what??? I realy love this place ,People here are quite cooperative like members of the same family..

a big thank you.

17 Nov 2009