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ESL forum > Teaching material > Teaching material for 3-5 year - olds ?    

Teaching material for 3-5 year - olds ?

Czech Republic

Teaching material for 3-5 year - olds ?
I have just bought a "suitcase" Hooked on English with 150 vocabulary cards, 9 audio CDs and 9 rather too simple/plain DVDs and 9 very simple books (few sentences + pics). + 9 workbooks, poster + plain number stickers... The price was quite reasonable CZK 400 (E 16).

Do you happen to know good teaching resources for very small children?
Do you know any good FUNNY cartoons for BEGINNERS aged 3-5 ???
Can you recommend any teaching materials with a guidebook
for PARENTS as well ?

20 Nov 2009      

Czech Republic

The suitcase is really big and quite heavy - 5kg :-) But the content is not so big :-D Suitable for absolute beginners and 1-to-1 lessons. There are a bit plain drawings, but the pics are easy to understand...
If anyone needs this, try to contact your friends going to Prague. This English suitcase is sold in the chain of cheap bookstores called "Levnť knihy"

What is included:
* 9 interactive DVDs with over 11 hours of educational lessons and activities
* 9 colourful workbooks
* 9 audio CDs with lesson content and storybook audio
* 1 music CD with fun, catchy songs
* Library of 9 colourfully illustrated books - (pic + 1 sentence on 1 page)
* Over 150 flash cards
* Comprehensive parentís guide - (VERY SHORT, no unique ideas :-(  )
* Progress posters and tons of stickers - (plain stickers with numbers only :-(  )
Units 1-3 --- Letís Go to School!, Letís Go Home!, Units 4-6 --- Letís Count!
Letís Find shapes, animals, Letís Eat!, Units 7-9 --- Letís Go Places!, Letís Go Out! - Clothes, Body

20 Nov 2009     

Czech Republic

Hope you don īt find this inappropriate message... I don īt work for this company and I am not that fond of this teaching material... I just thought someone might find it interesting and maybe cheap...

Where can I buy a set of MANY (HUNDREDS) of vocabulary cards suitable for little kids???
Can you recommend me some, please?

20 Nov 2009     


What you bought sounds like excellent value for money. Unfortunately not available in China - btw, shipping will probably cost a multiple of the price :-(

20 Nov 2009     


Dear Moravc,
I think the safest and easiest way is to create your flashcards. Just choose the pictures that represent the vocabulary you want to teach, use the MS WORD to create your flashcards, print them and cut them. Little kids appreciate anything that you offer them - it doesn īt matter if the cards are not the polished ready-made ones.

20 Nov 2009