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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Teaching Grammar using CLT    

Teaching Grammar using CLT

Costa Rica

Teaching Grammar using CLT
Hello. Does anyone have any grammar worksheets that teach grammar using CLT? If you do, please let me know. I īve been told that grammar is taught best using CLT, but I īve never seen a worksheet like that, so I would be very thankful if anyone would show me one. Smile

21 Nov 2009      

Hong Kong

Sorry, I got a silly question. What is CLT? For grammar teaching, I don īt have a consistent method. I tend to make changes so as to keep their interest. Last week I used a PowerPoint and proofreading, this week I īve designed comic strips to teach conditionals. Does anyone have any special ideas to teAch grammar? And how clt can be used? Thanks

21 Nov 2009     

Czech Republic

CLT = the communicative approach... there are entire books written on this subject and courses and seminars and a whole culture of teaching.. i don īt know if I can summarize  it in a forum post! 

Try reading "Learning Teaching " by Jim Screiver or "The Practice of English Language Teaching" by Michael Harmer. 

Communicative textbooks for students include English File and Cutting Edge. 

21 Nov 2009     

Costa Rica

Thanks. CLT is Communicative Language Teaching. It can also be called CLL: Communicative Language Learning. It depends one if you are the teacher or the student. The name "Communicative Approach isn īt valid anymore, so now it has these 2 names.

I īll have to look for that book. Is there any web site in which I can look for it?

23 Nov 2009