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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > How do you make such awesome ws?????    

How do you make such awesome ws?????


How do you make such awesome ws?????
Hi there, I registered yesterday and immediately uploaded three ws hoping to get points. Then I realised how horrible they looked compared to yours. I know it mainly takes creativity and teaching skills, but how do you add clip art? Do you get it somewhere or do you make it yourself? I have little time to do this but would really like to make wonderful ws to share with everybody. Thanks in advance :-)))

27 Nov 2009      


It takes time....and practice,

you will eventually get better.
Make sure you provide worksheets that people need, and the points will come in.
Here īs a suggestion, look at the worksheets being downloaded, see what īs popular, and get inspired!
good luck new member!

27 Nov 2009     


Just search the net for nice pictures. What I do is: I type e.g. boy clipart (at google) and then lots of webpages appear with fantastic clipart. It just takes time - a lot of time!!!

You can also try to think what would make your students more interested in the topic you are teaching and try to design it!


27 Nov 2009     


Thanks a lot for your help. This is a wonderful site and I īll do my best to contribute good and original work :-))))

30 Nov 2009