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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Using Microsoft word 2007 and reducing size of worksheets    

Using Microsoft word 2007 and reducing size of worksheets


Using Microsoft word 2007 and reducing size of worksheets
I have created a crossword using one of the free online crosswrd makers, I copied the crossword into Word 2007 and added a border.  I then saved the document.
Realising that the site doesn ´t accept docx files I wnet back and resaved it as a doc file, compatible with Microsoft 97-2003 and compressed the images.
The original file in word 2007 was 64kb, it is now 623kb.  Why?  What can I do?

28 Nov 2009      


Hi Dear Elisabetta! I took this from F.A.Q. I think it can help you.

FAQ – How do I make my Worksheets smaller?

Select one of the images and Right click then select Image format.  One the “Image Tab” click “compress”.  Select “Apply to all images” and “for web or Screen” then click Accept.  That should be enough.  There are other methods and more options available.  For more information go the search on the Home page : http://www.eslprintables.com/ and enter “Tutorial”.  Here you will find several options to reduce the size of your worksheets.  Obviously this will cost you a point.  If you have no points and reducing the images as above is not enough, another option is two split the worksheet into 2 or more parts, and upload them separately.

Please, also try Paint: click on the image and paste it on paint. Click on the Icon Image and then on Reduce size (for example, Vertical 50% and Horizontal 50%  - always choose for both the same number). Finally save as... It does miracles. You can also use Microsoft Picture Manager, select Image, rezise and save as.

Have a great weekend.


28 Nov 2009     


very  good

28 Nov 2009     


Thanks but the problem isn ´t actually images as there are none except for a simple border.  the problem appears to be saving it as a microsoft doc format as opposed to docx (microsoft2007)

28 Nov 2009