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ESL forum > Ask for help > Pronunciation problem    

Pronunciation problem


Pronunciation problem


Iīve been working on pronunciation & phonetics with my intermediate- advanced students. Everything has been great except for the difference between SHin and Jeans. The consonant sound is the same for them! If you could share some tips on how to help them become aware it would be great!!! They can recognize the difference but they canīt actually pronounce it.
Thanks again dear friends!!!
Have a great weekend!

29 Nov 2009      


Hi newuser07! Try this site. It īs full of exercises and listening activities. Hope you find it useful!

29 Nov 2009     

Czech Republic

Maybe get them to think about where their tounges are when they say each, when you say 

"sh" as in "shin" it doesn īt touch the top of your mouth or your teeth. (except at the end of the sound maybe) 
but with "j" as in "jean" it kind of starts at the top. If people think about the physical difference sometimes it helps them to use it. 
I don īt know if i īm explaining that right but anyway.. best of luck! 

29 Nov 2009     


maybe if the put a finger onto their lips and blow "shhhhhhhh" like when you want somebody to be quiet, they would notice that it sounds the same as "shin" and for the "j" they could try to sing "jingle bells" as a practice, maybe it is easier for them to say "jingle" than "jeans".

Good luck!

29 Nov 2009