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ESL forum > Ask for help > social exclusion and solidarity    

social exclusion and solidarity


social exclusion and solidarity
I m going start this week a new subject with my students. I have 25 h to discuss with them the following topic "social exclusion and solidarity". I have already decided that I m going to talk with them about poverty and homelessness and on this topic I m going to show them the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". we are also going to talk about AIDS and see the movie Philapelphia. and that s it! I have no idea of what I am going to do with them after that...
Can u help me with your suggestions and links? Thanks a lot and have a great Sunday

29 Nov 2009      


Dear Morganalin,
the topic is very wide and not so easy in my opinion. Except poverty and AIDS you could also discuss problems of disadvantaged and disabled people (I mean health), of ethnic minorities and living in ghetto (New York city may serve as a great example, I think, because there are whole streets and areas where ethnic minorities live - China town for the Chinese, Brighton Beach for immigrants from the USSR, etc.), of gastarbeiters or something...
As for ethnic minorities I can propose watching the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - very funny and positive comedy.

29 Nov 2009     

Nines Picado

Have a look here.

29 Nov 2009     

[email protected]

Those are all really great ideas but might I also suggest school bullying. There is a lot of indirect aggression in schools. Psychological warfare such as portrayed in the movie "Mean Girls."

I think the conclusion to any topic involving social exclusion should be the role of the witness (any person who witnesses and is neither the offender or the victim) in these scenarios.

You can have them come up with some kind of role play that they can present to other students or posters of how to respond to it.

29 Nov 2009     


Hi Morganalin,

As Priorita says, the topic is a bit hard. Anyway, I suppose the way you deal with it depends on the level of the target group you are working with.
If they are intermediate to advanced, and considering that you are watching 2 movies, why not preparing a class debate on the topic you feel the sts are more comfortable with. Furthermore you could ask the sts for suggestions as they usually come up with interesting projects...
Good luck! Wink

29 Nov 2009     


you could previously make a list of NGOs dealing with those topics. First show tyour students the symbols or logos of the organisations who want to focus on. then ask your students to do research about them and try to find what they match. At the same time they do research about NGO (date of creation, main goals, places qhere they operate). finally they have to present  the results to the class or to the school.

Check British Council page, they have useful podcasts on the topics you need.
good work!

29 Nov 2009     


why not try to do a personality test "how human are you". it s a funny way to start the topic.

29 Nov 2009     


Nines Picado thanks for your sharing I like this film very much.Some people say it is just only the type of watch and feel yourself better .I  don t think so .It is touching.Sometimes we learn from the life accidentlylife itself is the better teacher and sometimes fate draws  a happier future for us butsometimes of course

30 Nov 2009