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ESL forum > Ask for help > videos and or pictures on early flight    

videos and or pictures on early flight


videos and or pictures on early flight
Hi everybody,
I wouldn ´t have thought to ask here untill I saw a wonderful worksheet on the history of flight in the recent contibutions yesterday. (by; OL1N3)
Every year, our school has a week long project of ´experimental learning ´. They mix up all the classes  and create four groups. Each group, mixed in age from 7 to 12, learns about a subject thru games, plays, and experiments. It is great fun but a looooot of work for the teachers. The subject of my group is "flight" (or more precisely, air transport). My first workshop will be about ´bloopers ´ in early flight...the period where people would run around flapping giant wings believing it would make them fly....or make funny contraptions hoping for lift off....I already found some material (a few videos)  but not nearly enough.....
If any of you happen to have videos or pictures on this subject I would be soooo grateful!
My PM doesn ´t work but you can contact me thru my email ( ´contact ´ under the avatar)
for now i ´ll get back to sewing five more amelia earhart caps, making another example of a water rocket and drill thru 50 wine corks, glue together a hot air balloon, make myself some giant bat wings and read up on the brothers Wright......

4 Dec 2009      

alien boy

lets ´s try again!

Here are a few interesting sites for you:
Australia ´s Lawrence Hargrave - http://www.ctie.monash.edu.au/hargrave/hargrave.html;
If I come across anything else that may be handy I ´ll let you knoe.

4 Dec 2009     


Wauw , alien boy you ´re fantastic!! thank you so much!

4 Dec 2009     


Hi Marion_g!
There is a really good silent video at http://www.maniacworld.com/early-flight-inventions.html. It´s pretty funny! Hope that helps...

4 Dec 2009     


Hi Adrienne,
that is indeed one of the videos I downloaded for the workshop. It is great and exactly the kind of thing I ´m looking for. This specific one I have but anything of this kind is useful to me...
thanks for replying!

4 Dec 2009