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ESL forum > Ask for help > looking for original ideas for xmas    

looking for original ideas for xmas

Vanessa G L

looking for original ideas for xmas
Hi everybody,
i need to prepare something for the xmas party. at school we usually prepare  songs or  plays. however i would like to do something different or at least not the typical xmas carols. any suggestion?
thank in advance

8 Dec 2009      


Why don īt you guys make a big Christmas tree out of cardboard and shiny gltzy stuff?
Or why don īt you learn a dance?
Or why don īt you have a competition for the best Christmas poem in your class? Then print out the poems and hang them around the school.
Why don īt you make a Christmas Movieeeee on camera??!...
Or why don īt you make a Christmas Photograph collection: make all the costumes, Santa packing presents, Santa riding the sleigh, elves helping Santa, dropping presents in the chimney...a collage of photographs...
Or a competition for the best Christmas Card for the Teachers!! of your school!

8 Dec 2009     


In my school our students act out the PASTORETS, and the annutiation of the three kings... I know that is not typicaly Engish but is a tradition of the school >.<! We dont act the typical pastorets and the scene of Jesus but an original one. We include famous people visiting Jesus and humourous dialogues... For the children is very motivating.
You could also prepare a NEWS, some children explaining the weather with a cardboard containing a map, others can explain some news related to the father xmas or to xmas in general. Or one child could be a reporter presenting a new pop group, and the pop group is composed of several students singing xmas carols. I īve done it with my students who where 8-11 and they did it quite good
take care!

8 Dec 2009