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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > About worksheets. Technical question.    

About worksheets. Technical question.


About worksheets. Technical question.
Hi, all Thumbs Up
I uploaded some Number Flashcards. In the "Preview Worksheet" section I could visualize the numbers in a font different from the one I had chosen (they were nicer I think). Besides, it was as if some numbers were cut at the bottom (you couldn īt see the complete shape of the number) I downloaded my own worksheet to check if numbers were really cut or not and...oh! When I opened the file in my computer, numbers were in the font I had chosen from the start and were complete. Will the people who download the ws get this version? It īs confusing....

9 Dec 2009      


Hi Carinita

You can see the fonts that you used because they are on your computer! If a computer does not have such font installed, people can īt see it. It depends on the computer to which the worksheet is downloaded.

If you want your font to be seen on all computers, you have to embed it in your worksheet.

9 Dec 2009     


Now how do I embed a font? Embarrassed

10 Dec 2009     


hello, ı have trouble in uploading my contributions. ı have urgent help, before, ı could do this thing easily but there is a sentence īupload your cont. as doc. ī  . ı  can īt do that . could you help be step at this topic.please

12 Dec 2009