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ESL forum > Ask for help > HAS or HAVE... ???    

HAS or HAVE... ???


HAS or HAVE... ???
  I am a bit confused between saying :
          1. Who has the answer ?
  or:    2. Who have the answer ?
 Which one is correct ? Why ?

12 Dec 2009      


My first thought is that it depends on who you expect to anwer, just one person in whose case the first option is the right one, or more than one person, in whose case the second sentence is the appropiate one.

However, "who has the answer" sounds more natural to me.

Let s see what natives have to say...  Big smile

12 Dec 2009     

Mariethe House

I d say: who can answer my question?

12 Dec 2009     


I like very much Mariethe s version. But if you have to choose between the 2 sentences that you mentioned, I would definitely use who has the answer . I am sorry that I cannot give you a grammatical explanation but that is what I have heard and read in all the books my whole life. :) I hope it helps

12 Dec 2009     


I have always used the second version, I think because "who" is considered 3rd person singular...but I m not sure

12 Dec 2009     


Well, the pronoun WHO is really third person singular! It can only add HAVE, ARE, etc if it is preceeded by the plural. For example,

The people who want to buy the car are here.

or Those who have this document can pass.

12 Dec 2009