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ESL forum > Ask for help > BEC VANTAGE emergency help needed!!!!!    

BEC VANTAGE emergency help needed!!!!!

New Zealand

BEC VANTAGE emergency help needed!!!!!
Hi everyone!
I am using the BEC Vantage students book right now while teaching an online BEC Vantage course for my employer.
All the answers are fine EXCEPT an exercise on page 133

The question gets the students to ask yes or no questions about three promotional problems that went wrong to find out WHY they went wrong. And the teacher (ME) has to say yes or no... BUT I don īt have the teachers book. I didn īt write the course and put it online... I just administer and teach and mark to what they prescribe...
If ANYONE has the teacher īs books can you PLEASE PM me the answers to the three promotional disasters on page 133!!!!!! I have tried google but am coming up with nothing....
I have emailed another teacher at my work but I am not holding out much hope... I am desperate for the answers very quickly as they have already started putting questions on the forum for me to answer!!!!

12 Dec 2009      

United Kingdom

Don īt have access to this book but I found this on net .

12 Dec 2009     

New Zealand

Thanks but I have the actual book in my hot little hands... but it is the student work book not the actual teachers book with the key...
Whoever "wrote" the online course has put in all the answers that were not already provided for the students to mark work themselves. I just mark the writing and speaking tasks... unfortunately I dont have the answers to this "teacher led" activity...
I have managed to find one answer on the net but am still looking for the other two....
The questions are:
(What went wrong or how did the story end)..
B) A petrol station chain wanted to boost sales in a particular town in Scotland where competitors were winning market share. Its Marketing Department came up with what they thought was an imaginative yet safe promotion. The petrol station in question would offer free fuel to any two customers that looked like each other.
c) A well known building company ran a competition as part of its campaign to attract customers. The winner of the first prize would receive a top of the range conservatory plus garden furniture and a barbecue set- Thousands of people entered the competition.

As you are from the UK maybe you have heard of these promotions in the past? The book was published 2001 and the first example was from 1984 so I am guessing these would be 80s-90 īs.. I am googling everything I can think of and am coming up dry...

12 Dec 2009     

New Zealand

Ok problem solved... after a couple of hours googling now... I have managed to find the answers! Big smile

12 Dec 2009