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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > ONE MORE THING FOR AFS YAYINCILIK    




The clipart I use in my worksheets has a licence that you have infringed. I purchased this licence. How do you think the owners of the clipart will react when I inform them you have published this clipart without permission? You say in the book that it was illustrated by C. Baykar. How could you dare? You may have the shared version of my documents, I mean the one I uploaded here, but you do not have the original one in which the images do not appear as only one. I have the original versions, in them the images are much bigger and of a better quality. That is one more proof that I have. Are you going to record this too and use it against me?

12 Dec 2009      

Bruna Dutra

What Mr. Tuna will be told by his lawyers is that coming to eslprintables.com and threating the members with lawsuits is probably an aggravating to his problems.

Again, there īs a lot to be done. And one of the first steps is getting in touch with the cliparts companies owners of the rights of the graphics used without permission in the worksheets copied by AFS. They will add strength to the legal case.

This case has already been started, and we are all part of this. they won īt answer anything here, probably, and even if they do, there īs no point, even someone with very little legal knowledge would know that a publishing company MUST have copyright knowledge, and give PROPER CREDIT to EVERYTHING it publishes.

I rest my case for now. Everything is on our side, and the long arms of law shall embrace dishonesty.


12 Dec 2009     

alien boy

& I suspect there may be some recording companies interested in his music CD īs too...
Let us know how it works out after the case has been settled.

14 Dec 2009     


When I read this post, I didn īt understand the issue until i asked Katiana and she sent me this link:
rom my point of view, Mr AFS YAYINCILIK, you have behaved like the child who see deliscious sweets and take them without caring whose the owner is. The only difference is that you are not a child anymore. In fact, you are a grown up person. What īs more, as you have already said, you have been the owner of a company for more than 25 years, so please don īt speak nonsense. You ssurely know the copyright rules very well.

14 Dec 2009