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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask you am I allowed to upload the same worksheet I have uploaded before just with different pictures. For example, if I have uploaded colour ws yesterday, can I upload the same today -  just bw. I don īt mean grayscale, but other bw clipart.

Is it fair to do this?


14 Dec 2009      


Erm, if you change the pictures, the ws wonīt be the same anymore, will it? My guess is nobody would have noticed. Now that you īve informed all of us, some might be on the lookout for your ws to report it tomorrow. If you īve bothered changing the pics, you might just as well change some of the exercises too I guess. Just to be on the safe side.

14 Dec 2009     


thanx, Philip!

It īs just that I have uploaded two days ago the same worksheet (BW and C - again diferrent slipart) and nobody complained.

anyway, good idea to change exercises as well

14 Dec 2009     

Czech Republic

Dear velcaja,

according to rules you have to upload the B&W version on the same day, otherwise the later one should be removed. You can read this every time before you upload your doc.
And if you change the pics only and leave the exercises the same, it is repeated, so it should be removed too.

Take care, Michaela

14 Dec 2009     

Czech Republic

Victor asks the contributors to upload colour + BW version in one file, if size permits...
IF the size is over 300kB, you may publish bw+ colour version separately the very same day, so the downloaders can choose which version they need... It is also handy for forgetful people... I am not sure whether I had downloaded the worksheet before and it would be extremely hard for me to remember the colour / bw versions as well...

The rules appear every time you upload a new worksheet in the "Send printable page" http://www.eslprintables.com/send_printables/beforesend.htm

"It is not allowed to send black&white versions of your old worksheets.

You can send the BW version of your worksheet if you upload both versions the same day.

If your BW version is the same worksheet in grayscale, please don īt send it. Everybody can choose to print in grayscale, so it would be a waste of space in the website."

BTW grayscale pictures are pics with grey colour background... if you use Word, you can make the pics OUTLINED - there would be black lines only... no fill-in grey colour... Go to properties of the picture and choose BW...

Hope it īs clear...

14 Dec 2009     


thank you all.

it īs clear.

14 Dec 2009