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ESL forum > Ask for help > Pen friends required for 11-13 year old boys    

Pen friends required for 11-13 year old boys


Pen friends required for 11-13 year old boys
Hello everyone,
I´m a teacher of English in Malta. I would like to give the opportunity to my students (11-13 year old boys) to correspond with other students who are still learning English. Is there anyone who can help?

19 Sep 2008      


HI, Victoria
I´m going to write later because I´m in class now, but I´m interested and my students too. A big hug from Agentina. Any

19 Sep 2008     


Hi Victoria
It´s me again.
We are going to start a pen friends project. Here in my institute there are five students interested. They are 10, 12 and 13 years old elementary level. Next week I´m going to ask at school because I work there from monday to thursday. Are your children only interested in writing to another boys or can be girls too?  I think I could send you the mail addresses of Compu-English Institute and Schools which has got internet conection. Children can check mails every time they come to english classes and we can supervise the replies. Do you agree? What´s your opinion? I´ll be waitng for your suggestions.

20 Sep 2008     


Hi Any,


Thank you so much for your reply ... I´m so excited at the idea! Here school kicks off tomorrow so hopefully by the end of the week, I´ll be able to tell how many students are interested in this correspondence project. I tried to set something up last year but the school was undergoing a lot of changes and we focused on other things ... hopefully this year we´ll manage! 


The students I´ll be proposing this to are at elementary level as well. Each student has his own school email address (secured) and in school we also have an internet connection available. It´s a good idea to have them check their replies during English classes.


If possible we can also try and set up a video-conference at one point too so that the students will be able to see who they´re communicating with and maybe we can carry out a small discussion on a topic we would have already prepared in class (obviously this will only be possible if multimedia resources are available and, in my case, if parents consent!).


What do you think? I´ll get back to you with more ideas this week as I´ll only be able to tell what can be possible once I meet the students.


Thank you once again!

Looking forward to start this activity ... which I´m sure will be extremely beneficial for the students!

One last thing ... I can be contacted on [email protected]



21 Sep 2008