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ESL forum > Ask for help > Teacher ENGLISH to students who speak only Farsi    

Teacher ENGLISH to students who speak only Farsi

United States

Teacher ENGLISH to students who speak only Farsi
I teach ESL to women who live in a protective shelter.  Up to now, Iīve only had Spanish speaking, but today I have a new student who speaks only FARSI.  Not knowing any FARSI myself, this presents a challenge.  Anyone out there have ideas?
Thanks so much!

20 Sep 2008      

my nice class

Hi there. Why donīt you think about teaching ESL in English?! You can have all the class time teaching English in English; it may of course seem to be so challenging for students at first, however, the outcome is wonderful. It just needs more of your attention not to let them speak in their mother tongue (whatever it is), your body language and gestures in lower levels and your rewarding them for producing English. It really works!
Good luck, bye.

20 Sep 2008     

United States

Thank you Ehsan--I do of course do that, but when we reach a stalemate, I can always use a few key words in Spanish to get us back on track--but I donīt have anything in Farsi.
I give them handouts in English/spanish for homework, but I canīt do that in Farsi.
These are adult learners and they must īlearnī on their own in real life situations so I try to give them the īcheat sheetsī to help when Iīm not there.
Thanks so much for the reply!  I just found this wonderful website, so I must convert more of my worksheets to upload~

23 Sep 2008