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Needing help!


Needing help!
Hi everybody! I wish you all my best wishes for 2010 ! I hope it brings you all you dream of and even more!
I am starting a new topic with my second year (12-13) and I would need listening materials about a school day, pupils talking about their timetables, school subjects ... Well, I need anything you can know about school !
I thank you very much for helping me and thank you again for sharing and making me being a member of a wonderful family!

8 Jan 2010      

Gia Mel

There are good videos about routines on youtube. As ans example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIe8lwgDcVY

I don ´t know if there exist a video specifically about school, but it can be useful to start a class. You can download a program to save youtube videos on your computer as the ´youtube downloader ´ that works just fine...

I hope it is useful...

8 Jan 2010     


you can try "elllo.org" (yes, 3 Ls!) where i ´m sure you can find some stuff! hope it helps!

8 Jan 2010     


Wow, really great site isabelle99. Thanks for sharing it! And greetings from Peru.

8 Jan 2010     


Thank for your answers! I have not found yet what I was looking for but anyway thank you for your help!

8 Jan 2010