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Empty worksheets


Empty worksheets

Have you noticed that many "users"or "members" if they deserve to be addressed like that are uploading empty worksheets with ironical descriptions? Why?

9 Jan 2010      


Maybe they don ´t have a life or anything better to do.

Or they don ´t have enough skills to try making a useful ESL resource.

Or they are only kids and think this kindergarten here is fun.

Or they tried first time and their wss were removed, and they got angry at us.

Or they are unable to follow rules.

Or they are not real teachers, but noisy students who came here to bother their teacher(s).

Or they like to think they are smarter than the real members who contribute.

Maybe they don ´t have anything better to offer.

9 Jan 2010     


Or.... they are just jealous!!!
As we say in portugal «Têm dor de cotovelo» !!!!!!

9 Jan 2010     


<LOL> We use the same expression in Brazil.

9 Jan 2010     


Or possibly -  they are just - testing the system to see if their page will show up with their usename under it.  Just a practice run and they will send in something real next time.  I ´m talking about those whose description is gibberish  (djjajfsjbafkvnnnvi).
I don ´t think all of them are evil.
Have a great weekend.

9 Jan 2010     


Some people simply have too much time on their hands... just ignore it!

9 Jan 2010     


Taking into accound the number of users here a few "strange people" it is just something we are able to put up with... or ignore... I hope...  :-)

9 Jan 2010