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ESL forum > Ask for help > I´ve been looking for an active song that can be acted out     

I´ve been looking for an active song that can be acted out


I´ve been looking for an active song that can be acted out
Dear helpful teacher I´ve been looking for an active song that can be acted out and teacher Funda has suggested me a super song called Obladi Oblada by The Beatles and I decided to use it.Do you know any other songs that can be act out easily ? I´m gonna use them at my English show.Please inform me if you know one.Thanks a lot in advance.

9 Jan 2010      


Beatles songs are always popular. Most are familiar with the tunes and the words are usually clear to hear and therefore copy the pronunciation - they tend to be simple to!
Some suggestions:
Yellow Submarine
With a little help from my friends
Penny Lane
Then there are more (though not very) recent pop songs:
Wet Wet Wet "Love is all Around"
For some reason "Country Roads" by John Denver is quite popular with some...
I will pop back if I think of any more. (Or are you looking for children s songs?)
Sounds like a fun project.
Oh, you have changed your post since I replied... so mine response doesnt make much sense nowConfused
Songs you can act out.... hmmm....
I think musicals are a good place to look... how about something from "Grease" - lots of boppy songs there!
Other good musicals to google
Mary Poppins
The Sound of Music (as already mentioned)
Let us know on your decision!

9 Jan 2010     


"It s a Wonderful World"

9 Jan 2010     


"The sound of music" would be a great choice, too.

9 Jan 2010     


Obladi Oblada by The Beatles and it is easy to act out, too...

Below is the link to video by my students. They only had 1 day to prepare it, but it was fun...


9 Jan 2010     


Michael Jackson , WE are the world

Abba Songs

9 Jan 2010     


Thank you dear helpful teachers Obladi Oblada is especially wonderful.Do you know any song like Obladi Oblada that can be act out easily.

9 Jan 2010     


We can work it out
it is also a nice message for students
same for
with a little help from my friends!
Have fun!

9 Jan 2010