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ESL forum > Teaching material > Exercise Key - games with the key?    

Exercise Key - games with the key?

Czech Republic

Exercise Key - games with the key?
Hello, I asked my ss to think what can we do with the exercise key, (many worksheets and books provide keys)...
Their answers were interesting:
1. When I finish the exercise, I can exchange my work with my friend īs paper and correct each other.
2. We can make a biig boardgame full of wrong sentences to correct :-) (working on it just now...:-) - biig sheet of wrapping paper with colourful "bubbles" to fill in with sentences
3. When  the exercises are difficult, I can read the key first, find/deduce the rules and learn the rules and the following day I can fill the exercise in...
4. I read the key, learn the correct answers and become a teacher to my schoolmate
5. I can rewrite sentences in the key and make similar text
6. Teacher can put the key on the board so every time ss need help, they can walk to the noticeboard and read the correct answer :-) Good for the legs :-D
7. On Monday we can rewrite the key - I will write the odd numbers and Magda will write the even numbers. On Thursday we will do the ex and correct each other 
8. ???

When YOU DOWNLOAD a worksheet with a key, what do you do?
Do you play any games with the key?

9 Jan 2010      

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

I haven īt played any games with keys yet but I think it īs a great idea and I will try it out! Thank you very much for sharing some useful tips on how to use keys with our students

10 Jan 2010     


Mmm... interesting, thanks for the tips! Approve

10 Jan 2010     


Wow, you must have a bunch of very creative students!
I like the idea of the board game with the wrong sentences and students being teachers and correcting their classmates ī books. Thank you for sharing these.

10 Jan 2010     


you īve great students! congrats
I think the ideas of being the teacher is very nice coz all of our students always want to be someone else- someone important. SO why dont we give them a chance?
play boardgame is also a good idea. Unfortunately i am teaching Primary students so I dont have chance to do these.
Thank you and your students alot

10 Jan 2010     


Hi Lazzy,
I teach primary as well and I actually think most of these would work with them....

10 Jan 2010     

Czech Republic

I especially like the idea of putting the key on the board, getting people moving around is great. 

10 Jan 2010     

Saudi Arabia

it īs a very nice idea ... think I īll try it soon..Star

10 Jan 2010