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ESL forum > Ask for help > Saint Valentine īs activities    

Saint Valentine īs activities


Saint Valentine īs activities

Hi everybody!!
What are you going to do with your students on St. valentine īs day?? Which activities are you going to do? Some of my students are 12 and I want to make something different!!!
I will appreciate your help!!!!!
Lots of kisses from Spain

18 Jan 2010      


This year we are going to do something different. Have you heard about LOVE SPOONS? The LOVE SPOON is an old Welsh tradition. Nowadays people offer a carved wooden LOVE SPOON as a gift of love, friendship or affection (originally it was given to a young woman by her admirer). Well, with the Art teacher īs help, my 12 year-old students are going to decorate wooden spoons, to be displayed around the school. LOVE WILL BE LITERALLY IN THE AIR. The most beautifully decorated spoons will receive a prize.
Hope this helps.

18 Jan 2010     


Hi Eva,

I don īt know what is different for you, I mean, what you have usually done.
I work more with senior students and very often the English teachers in my school ask them to write a composition "What is love?" or "Love is...". Then we put the best works on the noticeboard for all to read.

Students can write a postcard anonymously to an unknown person paying compliments and declaring love, and then these postcards get drawn and read, it is a lot of fun!

Younger students often cut hearts from red paper and write a romantic line or a wish on them, then we hang these hearts in the classroom.

Older students write a classified advertisement - I am looking for... They describe a girl / a boy they want to meet and fall in love with. Afterwards you can invent different ways how to use them, e.g. write an anonymous answer to the advertiser and let him/her wonder who the sender is.

Bye for now!

18 Jan 2010     

Maria Jose Garcia

Hi! Last year we did the "wall of love". There was a huge paper on the all with the words "the wall of love" each student had to leave a message on the paper for someone they wanted (love, frienship...) they wrote wonderful graffities and enjoyed "painting on the wall". In fact, we īre going to do it again this year.

18 Jan 2010     


Oh, I remembered one more activity that all students love. We call it Cupid īs Mail.

A decorated letter box is put in the hall a week before Valentine īs day and students write greeting cards or letters to friends (boyfriends / girlfriends) in school. On Valentine īs day some carefully chosen postmen deliver this mail to the addressees. There is even a competition whoīs got more greetings! And the joy of reading! Those who received Cupidīs mail, walk all day smiling blissfully.

18 Jan 2010     

United Kingdom

You should find some useful activities here.

18 Jan 2010     


Thanks for your useful  suggestions!!!Thumbs Up

18 Jan 2010     


I usually search the web for such ideas so maybe these sites
can help you








18 Jan 2010     


I reallly love you!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 Jan 2010