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Complicated case


Complicated case
Dear teachers,
Thanks once again for every piece of advice you suplied me with.
I īd like you to help me with this intricate situation.One of my students told me this evening that he hates English and can īt get it in his head no matter what I do to him.I felt frustrated especially when he īd taken all my advices lightly.He īs such a dumb student in English,not even understanding what I tell him to do.I īve always tried to get him back on track but I couldn īt.He makes me feel such a failure.
Dear teachers, help me endear English to my student, I don īt want to lose him.I hope to see him cheerful and willing to get involved in all activities.
The principal is bent on kicking him out of school for good, even if he īs un orphan, Only his mother who caters to his needs.If I don īt get him back soon,his destiny will take another,even the worst, turn.
Please, tell me what to do.
Thanks in advance.

18 Jan 2010      


Why don īt you watch any of these inspirational films? Maybe you get some useful ideas.

The Blackboard Jungle

Coach Carter


The Corn is Green

Dangerous Minds

Dead Poets Society

The Emperor’s Club

Finding Forrester

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Lean On Me

Mona Lisa Smile

Mr. Holland’s Opus

Music of the Heart

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Renaissance Man

School of Rock

Stand and Deliver

To Sir, With Love

Up the Down Staircase

Hugs, Ana

19 Jan 2010     


Mona Lisaīs smile is good and Music of the heart is even better if you want to show him that his destiny is in his hands.

BTW Pleas check your PM 

19 Jan 2010     

United States

First I will say that I have worked with difficult children for 10 years and unfortunatly you can īt save all of them. Try using humor to get through to him. He is not Dumb and you are not a failure.
What has to happen is he needs to see that it is important for him to learn english.
I have a trick that has worked with many students who felt that they did not need to know something so using creativity I forced them to see that they needed what I was trying to share with them.
1. Find a reading comprehension exercise any exercise just title it field trip information.
2. Insert 2 blank lines at the bottom of the page and under the first blank line write teacher and under the 2nd write student.
3. go ahead and sign your name above where it says teacher and make enough copies for the class.
4. Before you make the copies highlight the print and make it tiny. Keep the title big.
5. The students will say its to small to read. Your response will be that "its just about field trips so sign your papers everyone and pass them to the front" quickly go into a lesson so the students wont question you they will sign it and pass it forward.
6. Once you have all the papers thank the students for their kindness and generosity.
they will say what are you talking about?
"you always should read something before you sign it. All you wonderful students have signed a contract to wash my car once a week and get a job after school of which you have promised to give me half of everything you make." SMILE and say "now do you see why its important to learn english" tear up the papers and say "there are people in life who will try and take advantage of you  if your not careful it could cost you your home your car or your money, so never sign anything without reading it first".   This has worked for me GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND kEVIN

19 Jan 2010     


 I think most of us have been through such frustration many times in our teaching careers, and I personally have lost sleep over worrying about some students who refuse to learn, who say they are a hopeless cause and will never learn English, who insist on behaving in ways that make them get thrown out of school.  It īs an ongoing battle sometimes, and we just mustn īt give up...just keep trying by showing a lot of care and love and humour.  I try to show confidence and optimism and then.....I hope for the best.  It īs surprising how most times, our efforts do pay off , but you can īt win them all.  I hope youīll succeed in getting through to this student...itīs a teacherīs most amazing reward.
Teacherflorida, I really liked your activity and will use it in class! Thanks for the great idea!

19 Jan 2010     

United States

I like your trick, Kevin. I īll have to try it on my students. I told them many times that if they don īt know how to read (English or Spanish, some of them are not really literate in their native language), people would be taking advantage of them. Your trick will be great for demonstrating them īhow ī.

Thanks a lot! ;O)

19 Jan 2010     

Hong Kong

In my experience ...
There is not a ītrick ī or a īmagic word ī that you can do to turn this kid around instantly.
What you most need is patience, understanding and time. As teachers we have buckets of the first two but not often the latter. If you have them then .... here is my advice:
some students learn differently. We are not all geared up the same way. Just because the classroom caters for the most students doesnt mean most students cope well in it. Definately don īt keep trying the same method and expecting a different result!!!
So, you need to be prepared to try some alternative teaching and learning strategies, depending on the students interests and abilities.
I am in no way suggesting this student is special, but just may learn better in another environment or method.

19 Jan 2010     

United States

I understand in your experience there is no trick, but I assure you that this minor deception has worked on elementary middle and high school students. Yes, It won īt instantly change someone, but what usually happens is metaphorically the light bulb comes on it their head and at least they realize that learning can help protect them from dangerous people or situations.

Have the best day ever


19 Jan 2010     


Teacher Florida, I really like your TRICK and Im sure Im gonna try it out though my students are quite promising and studious!!!

Thanks :)

19 Jan 2010     


When I worked with children I used to give a rol to trouble making ss. so that they feel they were important for the class and their behavoir had to be an example to all group of ss.
For instance he had to support me on taking note of ss. that didn īt do homework or any other assignment, it worked to me with this kind of ss. and I had no more troubles
Hope can help you

19 Jan 2010     


Find out what kind of cartoons he likes, show him some of them in english
it might work too.

19 Jan 2010     

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