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Starting from scratch


Starting from scratch

Hey dear lovely and helpful buddies....I need your ideas and experience!!!!

Our club has planned to start a basic English language course with the title ´First Step English ´ for parents who need to start everything from scratch...

I need your ideas and experience......Give me some ideas to start off with and what techniques could be helpful???

If you have ever taught to a similar group (elders), I would really value your views...

Thanx a bunch


19 Jan 2010      


  If they are really at a starter level have you thought of just starting with the basics like phonics. With that you should be able to start building some vocabulary and to be able to start some basic sentence structures. I haven ´t worked with that level for a while and I am not sure at exactly what basic level they are but any start will give you ideas of where to go. Another point to remember is if all of the parents are at the same level.

19 Jan 2010     


Why don ´t you just follow a coursbook for adult beginners. They show you the first step. Then you can complete with your own worksheets and games ( adults like games too.) As a coursbook I like Headway Elementary third Edition.

19 Jan 2010