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ESL forum > Ask for help > What year do we live in?    

What year do we live in?


What year do we live in?
Hi there,
could someone explain me why we say Shakespeare died in ´sixteen-sixteen ´ (1616), but we say today is 19 January two thousand and ten not ´twenty-ten ´ ?
Is there a reasonable explanation. My students asked me today, and I couldn ´t provide one. Hope you can help.
Hugs to all. 

19 Jan 2010      


You can just as well say twenty-ten. It ´s just people seem to have more repect and awe towards the 2000s and the 21st cebtury, so they say "two thousand".

19 Jan 2010     

Russian Federation

As far as I know the English used to say e.g. "sixteen hundred sixteen". Then there was no need to pronounce "hundred" and they shortened it, pronouncing only the numbers which were important . Now it is pronounced only in 1900, 1800 etc. (nineteen hundred, eighteen hundred) because if they say just "nineteen" it can be understand as 19.
I read that people started to say 2000 (two thousand) beacause it was an unusual year, a new millenium. The other reason is that a writer (I don ´t rememer the name) wrote about 2000th as "two thousand and..." There was a similar topic here. Try to use search engine of the forum.

19 Jan 2010     

United States

You can say both "twenty ten" and "two thousand ten", but I heard on the news earlier this year that "two thousand ten" is used more frequently than "twenty ten". You see, the grand majority of people don ´t consult grammar books to find out what ´s right or wrong to say, they just say it however they feel like saying. ;O)


19 Jan 2010     


Thanks for your answers. I definetely prefer two thousand and ten to twenty ten, chich sounds really odd to me.

19 Jan 2010