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[email protected]! P

Here I am again, peps.
How can I explain my students what is a road, a drive, a highway and a Boulevard. To be honest, I donít know clearly the difference.
Help me.
Thanks in advance

19 Jan 2010      


first, take a look at this: http://askville.amazon.com/difference-Blvd-Street-Road-Avenue/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=7279294
This is from Wikipedia but as for me it īs not only in north american usage: "In North American usage, highway normally designates a main road for travel between important destinations, such as cities, large towns, and states. Highway designs vary widely and can range from a two-lane road without margins to a multi-lane, grade-separated expressway, freeway, or motorway. However, in practical and useful meaning, a "highway" is a major and significant, well-constucted road that is capable of carrying reasonably-heavy to extremely-heavy traffic."
a drive is "a road leading up to a private house" or "a road for vehicles, esp. a scenic one, as in or along a park, or a short one, as an approach to a house".

19 Jan 2010