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 I don t know if this has happened to u too , but I ve been wanting to upload a ws lately and I m getting tired of trying Cry. It is always the same message that appears :

Microsoft Word error 800a149d

Word no pudo crear el archivo de trabajo. Compruebe la variable temporal.

/send_printables/sendprintablesnew.asp, line 123

I ve already cut out many images because of the size but it s still not working!Angry

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!

31 Jan 2010      


Hello dear ml_22,

I ve been getting this (and some other) messages for hours, on three different computers.
It seems to be a server problem and has noting to do with your document. So don t change your document, but make sure it
- has less than 300kb
- is in the .doc (not .docx) format

Keep on trying, you ll be successful in the end.

Have a great Sunday

31 Jan 2010     


Hi! Same here! Cannot upload either. Here is a former link :
I guess we ll have to be patient : No one has been hurt - so far! Wink
Dear Poohbear, though I ve been trying soooooooo many times, I still just cannot upload... But, really, it is NOT a big problem, is it ??? All  we have to do is ... be patient, & try some other day...Victor is not ALWAYS on the site, is he ? :o) 
Take care

31 Jan 2010     


Possible solutions for upload problems:

- Try again, again, again, again,...
- Try another browser: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Avant, Safari, Netscape (?),...
- If you re religious, get your candles, prayer mat, lotus flowers etc. ready
- Change the name of the file you re uploading (I admit this borders on the superstitious)
- Take a deep breath, go for a walk, and try again
- Feed the cat, then try again
- Go on a city trip, then try again
- Think positively: it s not the end of the world (yet)
- Think competitively: others are surely having problems too (pump your fist)

More solutions available. I might make a worksheet.

31 Jan 2010     


Dear PhilipR,

Great post. Passed some time away with a laugh, but still no success. This is the latest message:

Persits.Jpeg.1 error 800a0002

The system cannot find the file specified.

/send_printables/sendupdate2.asp, line 43

So, what I ll do is

-download all possible browsers

- shovel away the snow in my icy Bavarian region

- buy a cat to feed

and remain patient!

Good luck everybody.

31 Jan 2010     

Catalina Sorina

Internet Explorer doesn t work either. I have the same problems here, too.
For a slightly variation, after trying and trying from two different computers, is that... I have a dog to feed, not a cat ! Tongue

31 Jan 2010     


I m having the same problem, but the fact is, that I had this problem yesterday, the day before yesterday, etc too.
And suddenly the system just accepted my ws. So I m not sure, what the problem is, but with a little fortune, we ll be able to upload our worksheets.
Still I believe maintenance would be necessary. 

31 Jan 2010     

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Im getting tired of trying to upload my ws,but I always get this message:

Please only upload files that end in types:

doc .doc .doc .doc .doc .doc

Please select a new file and try again.

-and Im trying again and again ...it doesnt work. Ive made it in MO Word Document 2007.

Is there anyone who can help.Thanks a lot.

31 Jan 2010     


lol Philip! haha
Only documentes made in Word 2003 are allowed
Next time you save your document, choose the option "Save as a 2003 document"

31 Jan 2010     


No cats here, & no more candles!Ermm Used all of them already!!!!!!!.....Confused
Expecting ws for more ( effective..) solutions.Geek

31 Jan 2010     

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks Julieta VL,
I used to made them in W 2003,but after installing W 2007 I continued to made this one in
W 2007. Im going to try .Thanks again!

31 Jan 2010     

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