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Time doubt


Time doubt
Hi Victor! First of all I really would like to congratulate you on the terrific work you īve carrying out with this siteClap.
I canīt believe how well your idea works, Iīm overwhelmed with all the fantastic worksheets from all over the world. And since Iīm a am a fan of new things, itīs a feast... But my real question has to do with time zones. As we all know, we all have different times and I just canīt figure out when to upload a worksheet so itīs not to late for you to publish it. For instance, what time should I upload my WSs today (saturday) so they will be posted as  tomorrowīs new downloads (sunday)? I hope you can clear this for me, because Iīm  a bit lost right now. Thanks a million!!! xxx from Argentina, Mariana

20 Sep 2008      


Hi, Iīm Agustina from Argentina. I always upload my WSs during the day, whenever  have time. Donīt worry for that.... It has worked for me.
Good Luck!

20 Sep 2008     


Hi Nanaduhalde,
Worksheets in this site are published at 00:00 (Spanish time). If you want to know the exact time when your worksheets will be published, calculate the time difference from Spain to Argentina.
And without meaning to offend you, I would recommend you not to ask Victor this kind of things, he is a teacher like us, and he already does a huge job running this site, and we should worry him about tiny things like this.
Best wishes dear colleague!

20 Sep 2008     


Hi nanaduhalde! here in Argentina the new worksheets are published at 7 pm,so I always upload my worksheets before that time.

good luck!

20 Sep 2008     


Hi, Pastanaga

All of us old members of this site know that the WS have to be uploaded before 00:00 Spain time. But this is not obligatory the case of new members.
As any one of us they have the right to ask for help or information.
Since I subscribed to this site I have never seen a member "urging" Victor to answer his inquiry immediately. We all know that he is a teacher like us and he has other fish to fry.
If you donīt mind my saying what I would like you to understand is when we address Victor about a specific topic it does mean he is the only one who should answer this inquiry. Any another member thinking he has the answer can reply it is up to you to judge if this answer is satisfying or not. There are topics where Victor can be considered just a member/colleague like us who can answer  whenever he likes and whenever he thinks he can be of some help.

Sorry to interfere like this but to be sincere I did not like the way you replied to

Letīs welcome the new comers and encourage them to share their experience and materials.
Who knows, sometime things are where we never expect them to be.

20 Sep 2008     


Donīt worry about what PASTANAGA said, you have the right to ask whoever you want! Victor is THE right person because he created this site, the rest of us will help any other teacher who wants our help.

20 Sep 2008     


goodnesses, please calm down! pastanaga just wanted to help victor!Sometimes I also think we put a lot of work and pressure on him. nanaduhalde asked a question that anyone of us could have answered and pastanaga was just pointing that out. If, between ourselves, we can help victor with the new membersī problems, isnīt that contributing as well??Shouldnīt we do it?
Best wishes

20 Sep 2008     


Dear teachers
                      As a new memeber of this incredible community, I find myself having mixed feelings, because of the attitude some people have as regards others. My only intention (when I posted a mesagge earlier) was to congratulate Victor for his work, since I havenīt had the opportunity to do so yet;  I needed to let him know how important this site is for me, since Iīm a teacher who loves English and appreciates what he has created. Thatīs all. I also asked sth. adressing to him, because I thought that he could clear my doubts, because he is the creator of the site after all. My intention was not to trouble him with "petty" things, because I imagine all the hard work he has to every day. I thank all the teachers who tried to help me with my doubt. But I canīt understand the way some people react. I think sometimes, they react in an excessive way, making others feel bad. Do I have to pay my dues, because Iīm a new memeber? Does anybody have more rights just because she/ he is an old member and has done many contributions? i donīt think so. I believe that itīs necessary to act as good persons, as in real life, because although we come from different backgrounds, we are all the same. Iīve seen how some members attack others, saying things in an unproper way, making them feel bad. And I donīt think itīs fair. There are ways to say things so nobody feels bad. Itīs a matter of treating others the way you would like to be treated. Thatīs what I mean when I say I have mixed feelings: on one hand, thanks Agus, Godnesses and Sirah, and many others, because of your good intentions and your intention to help me (thatīs the true spirit of the site I think); on the other hand, Pastanaga (no offense taken), donīt be so hard on people. We are simple mortals, and we can make mistakes. I learned sth. today, so thanks for that. I wish you all great teachers the best, from Argentina, and I thank you for your hard work. Love, Mariana

20 Sep 2008