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ESL forum > Ask for help > Help to find the title of a book    

Help to find the title of a book


Help to find the title of a book
Hello, dear friends,
I would like to ask you for help once more. I have been looking for a book for a long time but I cannot find it. I have scanned a photocopy I have so that you can recognize what book it belongs to. Please, if you know the title, let me know. you
Thank you very much in advance.
Have a good weekend! 

5 Feb 2010      


I īm not sure, but this reminds me of an old edition I worked with. I don īt know the authors, but it was called FCE Grammar Workbook, and I think it was by Longman. It was smaller than A4 size, not very thick, but with great grammar units and lots of vocabulary drills such as this one at the end of the book.
edit: I tried searching for it on the internet, but itīs really old so I canīt find it. Itīs a fantastic book, but it was already old when I started doing FCE courses, which was some 12 years ago. Sorry I canīt be of more help. Iīm almost sure itīs the book, but all I know is that itīs got black covers. It probably has a new edition, but I have no idea where or how.

5 Feb 2010