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ESL forum > Ask for help > creativity help--catchy name en español    

creativity help--catchy name en español

United States

creativity help--catchy name en español
There are so many creative talents on this site, that I am sure someone can help me!

I am organizing a monthly latino parent drop-in meeting at my school. It will be first thing in the morning, for coffee and to meet different teachers, time with the principal, bring up concerns, etc.  It won ´t be a formal agenda meeting, but there will be some information given, and hopefully information received. The purpose is to encourage  more parents to become involved in school, and also to improve school-home relations with our Latino families.  (Our school has had a history of racism, and Latinos have the view that our school is unwelcoming to them...so we have a lot of reputation repair to do.)

I NEED A NAME for my meetings... something that expresses the spirit behind it.....

Charlas? Café con Kati? Club de padres? Club de Café?  

These all seem lame to me...which is why I ´m appealing to my creative genius/genii colleague(s)!!!!

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

5 Feb 2010      

United States

Café conexión?
Cafeclub padres?

I ´ll keep thinking...and I ´ll ask my students and get back to you!

5 Feb 2010     


I like "Café y Encuentro" or "Café encuentro" or maybe "Caféncuentro"
"Café Conexión" suggested above sounds good too!

5 Feb 2010     


What about  "  Intercambio latino " ?
I picture parents saying " Apurate, llegaremos tarde al intercambio   "  !!
I just liked the sound of it !
A  hug  4  u .

5 Feb 2010     


Jornada de padres   or   Encuentro  or    Encuentro con las familias  or  Día/Jornada de café y
I hope this helps.

5 Feb 2010     


What about jornada en familia? In Argentina whenever there is a a special meeting we call it "jornada" and as you are inviting families I thought that would be the best name for it. Are you doing something related to latinos during the meeting? I mean any kind of game or are you playing music for them to feel comfortable?
If you need help the "latinos" in the web site will kindly help you.

5 Feb 2010     


I agree with Natalia ! Ask us if you need anything !!
Did you make up your mind on the name ??

6 Feb 2010