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Hello everybody,

I registered a few days ago and have been trying ever since to send my contributions. Whatever I try to do, nothing works (I have a powerpoint presentation and different types of worksheets).
Can anybody help me?
How can I get in touch with the webmaster?
Thanks a lot for your help.

13 Feb 2010      


Hi Nadouchka! First you have to check if your document is less than 300kb. If not, please resize the images. Then make sure it is a doc. and not a docx., meaning that you must choose save as document 2003-2007. I think that it will work.

13 Feb 2010     


Thanks very much Mena; however, I must tell you I īm a bit of a "dinosaur" when it comes to computers... Would you be kind enough to give me a step-by-step approach to help me understand? Thank you again.

13 Feb 2010     

New Zealand

I can help you out a bit :-)

Checking the size of your document:
After you have saved it you can right click on it before opening it and an option "properties" will be there... Click on properties and you will be able to see the size of the document. It need to be under 300KB BUT generally for me any way it needs to be about 280 or less to upload.

Saving to the right "format" that is accepted.
If you are using word2007 it saves as a .docx. This will not upload. You need to go to "save as" when you save it and choose Word 97-2003 and when you do this it will save the document with the .doc ending. :-)

If you have pictures in your document you can reduce the size a number of ways. Search for "tutorials" to see how to do this.

One way to try before getting all technical is to right click on a picture and choose "format". Then there will be a compression option. Choose compress all pictures in document and re save. Your document now should be smaller.

Good luck!

13 Feb 2010     


Perhaps I misunderstood the rules and I īd like to clarify (just like we teachers ask our students....)  May I find an image of a person whom I would like to use in a WS that I īve found on the internet?  That is to say, if I want to  write a story on say Nelson Mandela and would like to include a photo of him in the document, am I allowed to find one on a website and include it in my document?  I read the rules that I cannot copy any other people īs work, and that īs pretty obvious, but what I īm confused about is can I copy an image from a site and include it in my document, which is solely my work.  On eslprintables, there seems to be lots of images that have been copied from various sites, the most obvious ones lately have been images of athletes on the various news and Olympic sites.  Thanks in advance for your advice.

14 Feb 2010