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ESL forum > Ask for help > Ideas for CARNIVAL (Preschool)    

Ideas for CARNIVAL (Preschool)


Ideas for CARNIVAL (Preschool)

Hello friends!!

It īs the Carnival week and I need some funny ideas to prepare a lesson with preschool children (3-5 years old): Carnival songs, craft activities, games ... I accept anyone.
THANKS in advance!!  Hug

15 Feb 2010      


I īve never worked with  preschool children, but I remember once  a friend and I disguised as Mickey and Minnie and went to my son īs nursery school, where we taught them to sing ī head shoulders knees and toes ī. They loved it and didn īt recognize us, since we didn īt speak a word in Spanish. Perhaps you could do the same with different cartoon characters or a different song. It īs just an idea... 

15 Feb 2010     



What about having a costume fashion show... You can revise, or teach (if it hasn īt been taught before), items of clothing. They can prepare some masks and say what they are wearing.
You can also revise colours. (have/has got OR Present continuous..) of  course I do not mean to sit down and write drills!! NO..of course. But they can use those structures in an oral way to say what they are wearing or what items they have got. What colour is it? Etc..

15 Feb 2010     

United Kingdom

You might find something here.

16 Feb 2010     


What I did with my kids was: each one coloured a cat or a clown mask, I added wool whiskers and hair, after getting everything ready with did a mini carnival parade in the classroom and they told me the colour of their mask, their favourite colour, toy and animal. I got them to sing "I like to move it" from the Madagascar movie soundtrack.

16 Feb 2010     


THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you!! Now I īve got more ideas thanks to YOU!!!  A SUPER HUG!!!

16 Feb 2010