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ESL forum > Ask for help > error 800a0002 The system cannot find the file specified    

error 800a0002 The system cannot find the file specified


error 800a0002 The system cannot find the file specified

I was trying to send a printable, but I can t... It s a doc file and its size is 152 kb. I pasted the error message below.

Persits.Jpeg.1 error 800a0002

The system cannot find the file specified.

/send_printables/sendprintableswait.asp, line 114

16 Feb 2010      


Hi! If you saved your worksheet as a document with Word 2003-2007 and if the size is what you say, then you have to be patient and keep trying. Sometimes it happens but in the end it always works out.
Have a good night.

16 Feb 2010     


This is happening to me too, very frustrating, since it s the first time I ve used this site.  I have been trying for over an hour.  A complete waste of time.

16 Feb 2010     


Hi Brisanaty and Eimearkorea,

Please be patient and keep trying.

Try what Mena says, or sometimes it helps just to wait and hour or so and then try uploading again.
Eimearkorea, I promise you if your persevere and are able to successfully upload your printable you won t think it was a waste of time because of all the fantastic resources that this site has to offer that you will be able to download when your printable starts collecting points.
Good luck!

16 Feb 2010     


Thanks....I will be patient and will try to send it again!

16 Feb 2010