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ESL forum > Ask for help > I cannot send a printable : (    

I cannot send a printable : (


I cannot send a printable : (
Hi.I have some problem with sending my printable.When I try to send it ,it appears the following statement:

Persits.Jpeg.1 error ´800a0002 ´

The system cannot find the file specified.

/send_printables/sendprintableswait.asp, line 114

What does it mean? What can be the reason of it?

16 Feb 2010      

Fabiola Salinas

HI, agatawet! The same thing has been happening to me too! Let ´s wait & keep on trying later... I know there have been some problems lately & this is what members suggested. :o)

16 Feb 2010     


 I can not send a printable ,either.Now that I am beggining to learn how to make attractive ones!!

16 Feb 2010     


The same has happened to me! Let ´s wait and try again later!

16 Feb 2010     


The same has happened to me yesterday,

error ´800a0002 ´ The system cannot find the file specified

I was trying to send a printable, but I can ´t... It ´s a doc file and its size is 152 kb. I pasted the error message below.

Persits.Jpeg.1 error ´800a0002 ´

The system cannot find the file specified.

/send_printables/sendprintableswait.asp, line 114

 I was patient and I could solve my problem... 
 I selected all the elements into the doc file,  then I pasted them on a new doc file, and I saved it with the name Doc2. I tried to send this new printable and it worked perfectly...

16 Feb 2010