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ESL forum > Ask for help > I m appling to language experts!    

I m appling to language experts!

Russian Federation

I m appling to language experts!
Dear friends,
How to say in informal language I m not well today., my students ask.

17 Feb 2010      

United States

"I don t feel good." (US)
"I m a little under the weather." (older)
"I m sick." /  "I m ill."
"I feel like crap." --WARNING! This is not a nice thing to say. It s not really cursing, but it is close to it. 
"He s sick in bed."

17 Feb 2010     


In Australia we might use idiom and say I m a bit off colour if you re only a bit unwell. And we might say I feel like **** which is very informal, but in most situations, we d say exactly what you wrote - I m not well, I m not too good... and we are not know for being terribly formal.
Hope this helps.

17 Feb 2010     


I don t feel 100% - this one can be used for any kind of illness.

I feel a bit rough - we tend to use this one after drinking!

17 Feb 2010     


"I m not feeling up to par". -  not feeling generally well

"feel sick as a dog" - to be quite ill with probably the stomach flu or a hangover

17 Feb 2010     


You could say:
I feel out of sorts
I feel blue
I feel a bit down in the dumps

17 Feb 2010     

Russian Federation

Thanks to everyone!!!

17 Feb 2010